Simple pricing for any practice size

Everything you need in
one subscription


Speed your growth by accepting more care
$ 45 per user per month
  • Publish your services publicly
  • Accept requests for new care
  • Manage intakes centrally
  • Schedule visits and reminders


Coordinate your entire practice from one place
$ 100 per user per month
  • Get everything in Basic plan
  • Document care with a smart EMR
  • Get faxes delivered electronically
  • Organize contacts and documents
  • Accept online visit bookings
  • Stay in sync with messaging
  • Oversee practice with dashboards
  • Get expert support whenever you need it

What's included

Medical Record (EMR)

A searchable and traceable record of your care, integrated with forms, scheduling, and communication tools.


A simplified way to track appointments and planned time blocks, with automated invitations and reminders.


Includes fax, email, and instant messaging, built to communicate and track critical information within care teams.


A real-time stream of your data, visualized in ways that help you make important decisions quickly.


Provide traceability and transparency to your process of accepting or declining new care.

Provider Directory

An auto-updating contact list of healthcare providers, customized to your region of practice.


A smart way to collect standard data so it automatically propagates to your medical records and intake requests.


A repository of documents to share with the entire practice or with specific patients and clients.


A way to organize your planned work in one place with prioritization, due date, and assigned responsibility.

All your features come ready to use
without any setup

Questions you may have

I don't have an IT team to manage the technology

You don’t need any technology experts. We bring the expertise in technology so you can focus on delivering care. You access Baysil from a browser on your desktop, laptop or phone. As new features are introduced, your software updates automatically.

Is it secure and private?

Your data is stored on Amazon servers in Canada, and sent back and forth using encryption (fancy way of saying hackers can’t read it). We also consult with experts to ensure we comply with privacy and security best practices. Read more here.

What type of practices are supported?

Baysil automatically adapts the platform to your type of practice. However, standard forms may not yet be available for your type of practice. If you would like to help us better support your practice type, check out our partner program.

How do I update the forms?

We continuously update the forms for you and the updates are available to everyone using Baysil. In the next few months, we will empower you to customize the forms for your practice. Stay tuned!

Which jurisdictions are supported?

Baysil is available to care practices anywhere in Canada. If you  would like to help us support your jurisdiction, check out our partner program.

Are students able to use the platform?

Yes, you can set authorization levels for students so their care activities require sign-off from a supervisor.

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