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Healthcare has become too complex to manage alone. There is more to know, more to do, more to manage, more to watch, and more people involved than ever before. Care providers everywhere are frustrated and burnt out. At stake is people’s health and well-being. Mistakes can be fatal.

When a close family friend stopped taking his diabetes medication, he was showing classic signs of depression. We couldn’t find him the help he needed. His mismanaged diabetes led to stroke and paralysis. Rehab dismissed him early for not “trying hard enough”. Uncoordinated home care precipitated various infections. And negligence at his nursing home led to a fall that put him in a vegetative state. He passed away on an ICU bed. The pain of uncoordinated, unorganized care is real.​

I founded Baysil to explore a new model for delivering care. One that is attentive to the nuances of behaviour and social challenges. A place where diverse teams are automatically assembled and empowered to address the underlying causes of poor health. A community where coordination and communication is routine.

This is not going to be easy. But at Baysil, we believe care providers are best positioned to lead this change. That’s why it matters to us that they have a powerful and flexible space to design creative solutions for care. And this is why we’re building Baysil.

Arjumand Ateeq,
Founder, CEO

We help growing care practices connect their
team, workflow, and clinical interactions
in one place, in real-time

Seeing patterns becomes easier

How is the health of patients evolving? Are there gaps in care? What staff is needed to fill the gaps? Is capacity sufficient? What are the best practices? All these questions become easy to answer and plan for.

The true story of care emerges

No one is wasting time piecing together what happened. Every care story is more complete, fully verifiable, and easily shareable.

Making incremental changes is safer

Good care and good leadership both depend on good feedback. With constant measurement comes the power of real-time feedback. Changes to care and best practices can now be supported with specific data.

We are committed to building
simple yet extraordinary tools
that amplify the impact care providers have

Ready to have an impact on people's lives?

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