Smart. Simple. Connected. Care.

Get more done in less time

Zero Setup

Baysil cares about your practice type and location

When you register, tell us your type of practice and jurisdiction. We will automatically customize your forms, contacts, search, and workflow settings, so you are running a custom and compliant practice on Baysil within minutes.

Workflow Automation

Everything from intake to discharge is connected

Start accepting new requests for care with a public link embedded on your website. Baysil automatically creates an intake request for you to plan for new care and document your decisions.

On accepting a request, a new care record is created with data from the intake form, ready for you to start delivering care. And on discharge, pull up a complete invoicing report at the click of a button.

Structure and Standards

Use your new tools to organize the team

Schedule visits, meetings, shifts, and vacations on shared calendars. Collect data with forms standardized for your jurisdiction. Receive faxes and messages directly to your Baysil inbox. And store or share important documents from one central repository. 

Everything you do is tracked automatically. You’ll be so organized your colleagues will think you hired a large team to work for you.

Real-time Collaboration

Banish email threads and sticky notes

Use instant messaging to stay in touch with your team when you are on the go.

Leave notes and make updates in care records without worrying about coordination. Baysil communicates changes to everyone on the care team as they happen.

Say goodbye to onerous contact lists spread across spreadsheets. Instead keep track of contacts in Baysil so they update whenever new information is available.

Unified Medical Record

Feel the power of a smart command center

Send referrals and orders. Perform assessments and hand-offs. Schedule and prepare for visits. Consult other providers. Connect related records. Do it all from one place. All your new automation, organization, and collaboration tools are integrated into the medical record, so you are always focused on delivering great care.

Your actions are tracked automatically. Everything is visible at a glance. And with powerful search, you will never waste time looking for critical information. It’s not magic, but you’ll feel like it is.


Improve everything with real-time feedback

Tracking care from intake to discharge gives you a new kind of power. Now you can balance case load across providers, understand the demographics of your patient or client population, and review outstanding financial transactions.

You cannot get this peace of mind with outdated spreadsheets.

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