We're excited about the opportunity ahead

Help shape the future of healthcare

Our customers are growing healthcare practices made up of experienced problem-solvers. These healthcare providers have a deep empathy for the people they care for, sometimes at the cost of their own well-being. They are facing many challenges working inside a healthcare system designed for a world that no longer exists.

Outside healthcare there is constant connectivity. Buyers and sellers, passengers and drivers, everyone is exchanging value through flexible connections.

Inside healthcare most data cannot be accessed or shared in real time. Critical knowledge is dispersed, care depends on manual processes, and collaboration is complex.

Our customers are overwhelmed and frustrated. They are facing a future driven by AI and IoT without the tools or infrastructure to capitalize on the opportunities that lie ahead. Our job is to lead them into this new world.

We build tools and infrastructure to
connect healthcare teams, workflow, and clinical interactions
in one place, in real-time

How we work


We lead, not follow

We know a better future starts by challenging the status quo. So we dare to dream, take risks, and find ways to move the dial.


Customers keep us grounded

We treat them with respect and listen intently to what they tell us about their needs. Everything we build for them is simple, yet extraordinary.


We learn by doing

We cannot learn to bring change overnight, online, or even in a classroom. Learning to tackle hard problems comes from experiential learning, in the communities we live, collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds.


We think global

We're not solving a problem just for the developed world. We're building to improve the lives of people anywhere they live.

The challenges we are up against

There is very little infrastructure to build on

APIs are rare. Verifiable digital identifies do not exist. Data standards are designed for the old world and disregard valuable sources, like patients and devices.

Healthcare is a complicated ecosystem

Governments, insurance companies, patients, providers, employers, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, all play a role in care delivery. Our solution has to live inside this complicated system.

Mismanaging healthcare data has dire consequences

Unauthorized disclosure could lead to discrimination. Displaying incorrect data or showing data out of context could mean a provider makes the wrong decision about an important care process.

The culture is not favourable to tech innovation

Healthcare providers are understandably risk-averse because mistakes can be fatal. They've also been let down by years of mediocre technology that does little to improve their lives or the lives of their patients.

Despite these challenges,
the opportunity is enormous

Healthcare touches every person at some point in their life. That’s almost 8 billion people. Half of those people still lack access to basic health services. We can change that by fundamentally re-organizing care in low-cost settings that are more accessible and affordable.

With creativity and imagination, we can re-invent entire industries, like healthcare research and logistics.

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