Grow your midwifery practice

Connect your team, workflow, and clinical interactions in one place with zero setup, using smart tools for medical records, collaboration, and practice management.

An integrated suite of clinical tools to multiply the impact of your care

Baysil helps you track all your care activities from intake to discharge and keeps your team coordinated. Now everyone and everything is aligned to one goal – impactful care.

Medical Record

Record everything, search anything


Clear responsibility, automatic communication


Systematize, standardize, organize


Track, watch, tweak, repeat

Bring simplicity and productivity back into your practice

Care Delivery

Make complex decisions with confidence

Baysil's medical record connects all of Sophie's care activities in one place, and makes them shareable and searchable. With this kind of power and oversight, Sophie can confidently steer the course of her care plan as patients' needs evolve.

Practice Management

Put workflow implementation on auto and focus on improving care

Baysil creates many efficiencies by automatically tying together intake requests with care activities and discharge reports. This creates a new set of data that Jay can pair with his expertise to grow the practice and support every provider.

Business Leadership

Use real-time data to drive improvements in your practice

Good leadership starts with good data. Baysil's dashboards tell Claire an insightful story about her practice, so she can see clearly where the practice is and plan for where she wants it to be.

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