Data / AI Engineer

Data/AI engineers build the data core of Baysil’s care platform.

As a platform company, Baysil builds clinical and administrative tools for healthcare providers, infrastructure for digital identities, technology to enable intelligent data processing, secure ecosystems, and much more. As a data/AI engineer, you will build and expand the data pipelines for these products. You will be working with our partners to enable new use cases and create new value for our customers in existing and new markets.

At Baysil, we empower our engineers to build solutions that will flourish in the environments they were built for. This means before you build anything, you will be required to get a deep understanding of who you’re building for, and why. You will be supported by your colleagues in marketing and operations, and get feedback from real customers.

We are looking for someone who is comfortable working with many unknowns and can design solutions to systematically gain clarity. You should be good at learning new technologies and leading projects. Above all, you should have creativity and imagination for how we can build simple yet extraordinary tools that amplify the care our customers provide.

You will:

  • Research appropriate data sources best suited for augmenting Baysil’s knowledge APIs
  • Understand the external data sources enough to know what gaps exist, how to clean the data, and how to improve it
  • Design, build, and maintain Baysil’s core data pipelines
  • Build data pipelines and algorithms to make Baysil’s services smarter and grow the platform
  • Analyze both internal and external data sources to decide how well they meet our goals and our customers’ goals
  • Debug and fix production data issues across pipelines

We are looking for someone with:

  • Experience building data pipelines and AI algorithms. Academic experience is acceptable – you will have to demonstrate your skills through a small project
  • Experience working with Python and other data processing languages
  • Experience with deploying data pipelines to AWS or other cloud platform
  • Ability to work with large data files and complex data sources without getting overwhelmed
  • Ability to write good code that is easy to understand and maintain

It would be nice if you also have:

  • Experience working with healthcare data or inside a healthcare system
  • Experience building data pipelines for integrations with other systems
  • Experience with Nodejs and Elastic Search

To apply:

Send us an email at with:

  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Your resume

The description above is only a guideline for what we think will work for someone in this role. If your unique set of skills and experience make you stand out for this role, don’t hesitate to apply. Remember, your creativity, passion, and desire for impact matter to us above all. Join us.